Sarah Smith Design
30° Sonoran Desert

Type Systems
Instructor Carolina De’Bartolo
Semester Spring 2010

Size 6″x9.5″
Materials Book
Binding Perfectbound Hardcover

Bindery The Key, San Francisco, California
Printer Alphagraphics, Phoenix, Arizona

The Sonoran desert is a unique eco-system, located in the southern half of the United States. It’s the only desert that experiences both extreme hot and cold, and is home to hundreds of different types of cacti and wildlife. I took information from scientific studies of the desert, and photos, drawings, and illustrations I created myself, and put them into a 92-page cohesive layout system. I used duotone images and limited the color palette to two desert-related colors. The brackets symbolize the lines of latitude and longitude that define the Sonoran desert, which is the only desert that is 30 degrees north of the equator.


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