Sarah Smith Design
Cheap Fast Killer

Integrated Communications
Instructor Marc English
Semester Fall 2010

Size Various
Materials Books, Poster, Collectible Box, DVDs, CDs, Tickets, etc.
Binding Perfect bound, Softcover and Hardcover

Bindery Roswell Bookbinding, Phoenix, Arizona
Printer The Print Shop, Phoenix, Arizona
Engraving Lane Awards, Phoenix, Arizona

This project was a challenge for me personally, where I chose to develop new design skills in a style that was outside my comfort zone. I picked the director Robert Rodriguez because I liked his right-brain aesthetic: gritty, low-budget, creative and spontaneous. The deliverables included a left-brain visual system, process journal, and a complete film festival package consisting of an informational book, DVD cases for the films, promotional posters for the festival, t-shirts, tickets and a festival pass, all in a collectable box.


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