Sarah Smith Design
MFA Thesis: CoSpace

Instructors Jeremy Stout, Michelle Ronsen,
William Culpepper and Carolina De Bartolo
Semesters Fall 2011-Fall 2014

Size Varies
Materials Varies

Printer Alphagraphics, Phoenix, Arizona
Binder Roswell Bookbinding, Phoenix, Arizona

Thesis Defined
CoSpace provides tools and resources for designers to connect, and encourages interaction and networking in the design community.

CoSpace is a community dedicated to in-house designers. It aids and encourages the interaction of these in-house team members to stimulate evolution, innovation, and interaction on multiple levels. These multiple levels include a virtual environment as well as a real-world environment. The primary strategy is to bring in-house designers together through interaction and collaboration. Any in-house designer will be able to join or start a CoSpace in their area to help benefit the design community. In doing so, in-house designers will then be able to build a bigger network that spans nationwide just by being involved. These CoSpaces will act like chapters in the cities they are in, and members from across the nation can interact with one another online.

Members are encouraged to meet other in-house designers, try different approaches, share lessons learned, and think in new and innovative ways. They will be able to do this through curated events such as meet-and-greets, book clubs and lecture series that are free to anyone, anywhere. The goal is to have CoSpace eventually be the community that will be the voice of in-house designers.

CoSpace can show the design world that in-house designers are talented and support the reputation of all in-house designers. Another goal is to become a resource for rich data and analytics about the demographic in the future.


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