Sarah Smith Design
Layoffs In America

Visual Communications Lab
Instructor Jeremy Stout
Semester Spring 2010

Size 9″x6″
Materials Book
Binding Perfectbound Hardcover

Bindery Sarah Smith
Printer Alphagraphics, Phoenix, Arizona

This book is the result of a semester of work where I explored a topic that was important and meaningful to my life. At the time, I had witnessed two layoffs at my company, the economy was suffering, and job security was a concern of mine. The left-brain aspect of this project involved a lot of research. I pulled statistics from print and web sources, analyzed them, and created infographics and other visual materials to help people better understand the issue. Over the course of the semester, I also used the right-brain approach and conducted interviews. I was surprised to learn that many people saw layoffs as blessings – opportunities to start fresh – rather than the life-shattering events I had thought they were. I combined both sides of the brain to assemble a public-service campaign, consisting of a website, posters, flyers, forms, and pamphlets to help people who had recently lost
their jobs.


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