Sarah Smith Design
Fosters Branding

Nature of Identity
Instructor Gordon Mortenson
Semester Spring 2011

Size 8″x8″
Materials Slipcase, Book
Binding Covered Ring-O

Bindery Roswell Bookbinding, Phoenix, Arizona
Printer Alphagraphics, Phoenix, Arizona

Foster’s is an American ice cream shop in California founded in the 1940’s. I gave them a new look, while keeping their American heritage and working within their existing brand. I used the left-brain approach to analyze their background: what their market and demographic was, researched the company’s history, and evaluated which characteristics were most successful. Since the 40’s, not much has changed in regards to Foster’s branding and message, so I took the opportunity to explore some creative, right-brain solutions by sketching, making bubble maps,
and digging through concepts to find the best
possible solution.


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